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AKSYS CAPITAL SAL relies on structural macroeconomic and political topics to guide its research and analysis process. The Research and Analysis team methodically examines all significant market information before formulating efficient investment strategies.

Our professional and institutional clients can benefit from a wide array of analytical and forecasting services.


During financial turmoils which greatly affect economies across the globe, resulting in turn to important dysfunctional behaviors of the financial system as a whole. Against this grim background, global financial markets are forced to change and adapt to these structural changes in the economic system by responding to government led rescue initiatives.

Our research covers in-depth analysis of global economic conditions along high-yield forecasting of major indicators so that identified opportunities can be translated into efficient investment strategies.


Fundamental analysis implies the analysis and evaluation of financial statements, management styles and strategies, competitor’s performance, industry benchmarking and market best practice, all for the purpose of establishing an unbiased corporate assessment and market valuation. As a result of such analysis, credit rating scores are assigned based on an organization’s ability to honor its financial engagements.

Our fundamental analysis team is composed of experienced individuals who are committed to creativity, and above all share the same passion to deliver exceptional value. Team member’s roles and responsibilities are carefully assigned by sector and geographical locations to maximize efficiencies and satisfy at best customer’s corporate analysis and valuation requests.


AKSYS CAPITAL SAL technical analysis team applies the latest and most advanced techniques such as Elliott waves, Fibonacci ratios, Time Series analysis and other technical tools before promulgating investment solutions and recommendations to our internal and external customers. These advanced techniques enable portfolio managers as well as the sales team to have a clearer visibility on the price evolution and performance of specific assets so that market-timing strategies are efficiently applied.

Systematic analysis is performed on all assets identified by our global macro research process, or upon specific request made by our customers.


AKSYS CAPITAL SAL recognizes the consequential role research plays in helping investors reaching sound and valid investment decisions. As a result, Ad-Hoc research services are availble to clients upon request on any specific market or investment product of interest to the client.

In retrospect, ad-hoc research is performed on client investment portfolios, and on different asset classes, by providing clients with a 360 degrees view on exposure, current and potential market threats, risk and volatility assessments.


Our financial solutions follow the same process whether portfolio management is performed directly by the client or mandated.

The first step of the investment process is initiated by the Research and Analysis department whose primary duty is to provide an in-depth assessment of the macroeconomic opportunities first, following which a thorough evaluation and analysis of the investment environment takes place.

Subsequently, the investment committee composed of several experts along with the heads of departments meets (regularly) to formulate a detailed list of approved investment strategies. Once approved, these investment recommendations are channeled to the discretionary management and financial engineering department whose responsibility are to structure investment solutions in line with the recommendations of the investment committee.

The management team then integrates in close cooperation with each client; these newly developed investment solutions into the client’s investment portfolio, before being transferred to the front office for execution.

Finally, best execution is applied to satisfy the investment needs and interests of clients (price below the VWAP for buying and above the VWAP for selling)

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