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We are committed to provide our clients with the optimal investment solution after carefully defining the framework of their portfolio in terms of investment objectives,preferences and constraints.The key to performance is active asset allocation in terms of fixed income,equities, alternative investments and currencies. Based on our in depth research, we recommend investing in different opportunities with sound and fundamental evaluation as well as attractive pricing models.

The asset management division uses its expertise in the financial markets to structure a properly balanced portfolios, manage its portfolio risks and all related tasks while aiming to reach the best results for our clients.



The asset allocation model is defined based on each client’s profile while giving a diversified exposure among a set of asset classes.
This process should maximize the return for a pre-defined risk level. In fact the exposure of the portfolio should be decided by the customer following the advice of the risk team and according to the client’s profile. This exposure constitutes a threshold to respect. Our financial engineer’s task is to find the optimal allocation which maximizes the return of the client’s portfolio.


Discretionary management is a suitable approach for specific clients who lack the expertise and do not afford ample time to follow-up daily changes in the financial markets. This type of clients feel more comfortable in passing a mandate to third party management in order to benefit from their talent and experience. Such mandate will give the client a diverse exposure to a wide array of asset classes including bonds, stocks, funds, hedge funds and other alternative investments.


Financial engineering includes the design, analysis and structuring of tailor-made financial solutions designed to satisfy the client’s private or institutional investment needs. 

These investment needs can be used as part of the asset allocation process to reduce risk exposure and maximize profits. This in turn provides investors with greater flexibility and choices to adapt their financial exposure according to the desired level of risk and complexity. Along with a wide spectrum of alternative investments, our team offers asset allocation model to the client including hedging strategies to reduce the risk of any given portfolio.


Our team has the responsibility of building specific products called “Hedging Products”,conceived for managing  risk. The first objective of these products is hedging the client’s position against the exposure to a given sector or asset. The product is ad-hoc, so the following specifications are taken into account: portfolio composition,cash-flow at maturity, and other factors. All these operations are done in complete discretion. The asset allocation process is done meticulously while taking into account the best opportunities available in the market.



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