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AKSYS CAPITAL SAL is a Lebanese financial intermediary company regulated by Banque Du Liban (BDL) and supervised by the Banking Control Commission in Lebanon.

AKSYS CAPITAL SAL  was founded in June 2008 and registered on the list of financial intermediary companies at Banque Du Liban under number 14.

AKSYS CAPITAL SAL core business revolves around servicing the needs and interests of professional investors as well as financial institutions across the world. Aksys’s unique set of skills coupled with strategic partnerships with major European liquidity providers, enables the company to efficiently cover all Asset Classes across most established financial markets around the world.

AKSYS CAPITAL SAL is committed to Corporate Governance through adopting a sound system of functions separation, financial transparency, information disclosure, control, and reporting.

Governance Committees are appointed by the Board of Directors to exercise the duties set forth by the Board.

The major role of the Committees is two fold:

   To review and assess, twice a year, the adequacy of the Company’s Corporate Governance policies, procedures    and processes.

   To recommend change where appropriate


The functions of the Committees encompass the following:

   Risk management and compliance with BDL requirements

   Internal audit

   Compliance with local and international laws and regulations

   Executive compensation review



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The Netherlands Tower, 6th Floor
Charles Malek Avenue,
Beirut, Lebanon
Trading Desk (24/6)
T: +9611 216 888
M :+9613 222 031
      +96170 216 888
E: dealingroom@aksyscapital.com
Client Support & Back Office
T: +9611 217 888
F: +9611 217 889
E: contact@aksyscapital.com

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